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                                                          NEWS FLASH!

     You're in Good Hands    
              with Al Tate

         has a FANTASTIC NEW COVER!

Highlander's Bride
You're in Good Hands with Al Tate

               are FINALISTS in's

                         PRIZE WRITER COMPETITION!

                                                   In honor of
                You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
                                 being selected as a Finalist,
                                        I am GIVING AWAY
                                   THREE SIGNED COPIES
                                             on Goodreads!

Goodreads has selected the three lucky winners!
                              I will be mailing a signed copy of
                            You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
                                           to them this week!


I can hardly believe it's 2015 already! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all wondering what the big change of 2000 would bring.

Okay, so how many reports, forms and checks have you had to fix because you wrote 2014? I'm still trying to train my brain to write 2015. I figure I should have it down by about next October or so. LOL

Be watching Goodreads for a
free GIVEAWAY of an

autographed copy of




Wow,  the days seem to go faster all the time.  It's hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone! My family and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas together and  I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful Hannukah, or simply enjoyed some pleasant days this winter.


October 22, 2014-

Wow, I think fall is trying to work its way into south Texas. If you get up realllllly early you can almost feel a bit of cool air. Very encouraging for here.

Be watching for my cover reveal party on Facebook soon and come join in the fun when I reveal my wonderful
new cover for my romantic comedy,  You're in Good Hands with Al Tate.

As to my next historical, I'm still busy writing Highland Betrayal, book 3 in my Heart of the Highlander series and hope it will be finished soon.

Sept. 2014-

This has been a busy week. I want to thank Kimi Court for her wonderful review of my romantic comedy, You're in Good Hands with Al Tate. Also, I want to thank her for allowing me to chat with her in an interview this week on her blog- Kimi's Medieval Blog website at

Thanks, Kimi!!


* I am honored that my article is featured on the front page of the Wilson County News today, July 2, 2014.

So what is the Fourth of July?

Some folks say the Fourth of July is not about gathering with friends and family surrounded by vast amounts of food, ice tea and sodas. It's not about sitting and talking comfortably with those friends and family despite the threat of mosquitoes as you eagerly await the dark in order to enjoy brilliant fireworks displays. It's not about parties, parades, music, and speeches.

There are people who would say the Fourth of July is all about our country's history and the Declaration of Independence and therefore should be more solemn, not a reason for backyard parties and get-togethers.

I disagree. The Fourth of July is exactly about gathering with friends and family, enjoying plentiful food and freedom of conversation, as well as taking part in or enjoying parades, music and speeches without fear of reprisal.

On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was agreed upon by the Continental Congress, made up of representatives of all thirteen colonies, declaring our freedom from Great Britain's repressive rule. It stated, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." It listed man's "inalienable rights" as "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Gathering publicly with friends and relatives, freely discussing thoughts and opinions on any given topic, being able to partake in bountiful amounts of food rather than withhold it for fear of there being nothing to eat in the future and publicly displaying love of country is what the Fourth of July is all about. The freedom to participate in such activities is what our forefathers meant when they spoke of our inalienable rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

So when the Fourth of July arrives, greet it with a joyous display of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Then remember and be grateful that we live in a free society thanks to the efforts of Americans who came before us as well as those who stand together now to assure that our country thrives in freedom for all.




Summer is warming up!

Luckily, we have had a lot of rain for our part of Texas this time of year so the heat has not been as fierce as in past years. Yay! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for our Fourth of July get-together!

Do you have special plans to celebrate the Fourth of July? I'd love to hear about them. You can use the contact form on the FAQs and Contact Us page to tell me about them.
I might just have something fun next month for the most interesting story I receive!

Since my romantic comedy,
You're in Good Hands with Al Tate,
is set around the Fourth of July, I decided to use it to do something special for my readers and fans!

*Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter, because
I am going to give away a signed copy of 
You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
to one of my subscribers!

Along with it, I am going to give two of my very personal favorite recipes for mouth watering barbequed beans and jello and fruit salad that's guaranteed to take care of your sweet tooth and cool you down from the summer heat at the same time!

*If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you still have time. Just click on the link at the top of this page!

In the meantime, in honor of Independence Day and summer fun,
You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
is on sale at
for ONLY $2.99!
If you could use a good laugh or two,
get a copy before the sale ends.


It's Spring!

Back when 2014 was just beginning, I asked if you had any special goals or resolutions for the new year.
I said mine was to remember when things get hectic to
step back and enjoy what's important in life.

Sadly, this proved true as I lost my mother and two  family members suffered serious health problems. Even being an author, constantly thinking of the ups and downs in your characters' lives does not prepare you for such sadness and worry.

I am relieved that my mother is no longer in pain and suffering and my belief that she is in a far better place helps lessen the sadness.

Happily, my two family members health is turning for the better.  For me, the arrival of spring brings new hope of enjoyment of being with friends and family, better health and happier times.

I hope that this spring brings health and happiness
your way as well.


Happy New Year!!!

Wow, I was just getting used to writing 2013 and it's 2014 already!

Do you have any special goals or resolutions for the new year? Mine is to remember when things get hectic to
step back
and enjoy what's important in life.

Sometimes small things can get blown out of proportion and "big" problems can get me down. Therefore, my resolution is to stop, step back and appreciate what I have: family, friends, freedom, a career I love and many other blessings.

To help me do this each day and to have a collection of wonderful memories at the end of the year, I am going to do something I saw mentioned online. I can't remember where I saw it to give credit to the person, but it's such a neat idea, I'm going to do it.

I am going to create a "Happiness" Jar.

It can be called
"happiness, blessings, smiles, best things" or any positive name you choose. The idea is to have an empty jar with pen and paper to write on next to it. Each day, whenever something good happens that brings you a smile or happiness, you write it down and drop it in the jar. You don't have to write a lot, simply jot down what the "good thing" was and add it to the jar. During the year, if you're having one of  "those" days, pull out a few slips of paper,  read them to help brighten your day and then drop them back in the jar. At the end of the year, you will have a collection of wonderful memories to enjoy.

Whether you start a Happiness Jar or not, here's my wish for you

I hope 2014 brings you
health, happiness and success!



THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 24 Days of Christmas Event on Facebook!
I had a wonderful time taking part in all the games and contests, enjoyed meeting great new authors, and got some terrific books at a fantastic price to give as gifts!

The 24 Days of Christmas Virtual Bookstore
is now open on Facebook!
There are:
three rafflecopters
LOTS of great prizes
terrific books on sale
ONLY 99 cents!!

I am honored to be sharing Friday, December 13, 2013
with best-selling author and friend, Gabrielle Bisset!!
Come by and chat with us and get one of our books
for only 99 cents that day!!!


Have you heard?
Something awesome is coming soon!


Have you noticed my BEAUTIFUL new website banner and color scheme?
THANK YOU to my awesome friend and cover artist extraordinaire, Erin Dameron-Hill!


Wow, what a great time we had at my
Meet the Author and Book Review
online party on Facebook!
Thank you to all the people
who dropped by and participated!
Congratulations to the many winners
of books, swag and gifts.

to Kathie Noblit
Margie Subia
who tied for the GRAND PRIZE!!


On Saturday, September 28, 2013,
I will have a
Meet the Author and Book Review
online party on Facebook.
It starts at 10:00 AM EST
and will go throughout the day.
There will be MANY fun activities


Drop by to chat, ask questions, play games
and win prizes all day!

Click on the link to attend!

will receive:
a custom printed tote bag and coffee mug,
and TWO signed PAPERBACKS!!!

I want to give a LARGE THANK YOU to the many authors and readers who so generously donated swag, books and prizes!!

M.A. Abraham (Mary Ann Abraham)
Kerrigan Byrne
Mary Moriarty
Tina Folsom
Sharon Hamilton
Tiffinie Helmer
Virginia McKevitt
Carrie Ann Ryan
Kally Sten
Author Ireland Taylor
Nicole & Dawn's Swagalicious Gifts


You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
Highlander's Bride

  are now available in paperback!

You can find them online at Create Space, and Amazon UK.

You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
in print:

Create Space and Amazon UK.

Highlander's Bride
in print:

Create Space and
Amazon UK

My second historical romance, The Talisman, should be available in print by the end of the summer.


Wow, how did the time go by so fast?

The Romance Novel convention in Las Vegas, Nevada was the PREMIER EVENT of the year
for romance readers and authors!
A huge THANK YOU to Jimmy Thomas for putting on a
FANTASTIC first annual
Romance Novel convention!!
Also, thank you to TJ Mackay and the wonderful staff at InD'Tale Magazine for hosting the terrific RONÉ Awards!

My Romantic Comedy,

You're in Good Hands
with Al Tate

placed as a
and also received Honorable Mention
as second runner-up!

Hmm, they say what happens in Vegas,
stays in Vegas, but here are a few pictures...




To celebrate

You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
becoming a RONÉ AWARD
there are now two
of the book cover for you to enjoy!
Just click on the Book Puzzles/Glossary tab above.


Click on my "Tips of the Trade" page
to learn everything from plotting to publishing and everything in between. Find out how to  choose and use an email host  for newsletters as well as topics such as formatting book files, creating book trailers and an author street team. If you'd like to write a guest post for the page,
email me.


My romantic comedy,
You're in Good Hands
with Al Tate
is now a
for Best Contemporary Romance
for the prestigious



Reward Of  Novel Excellence

I am absolutely thrilled to announce
You're in Good Hands
with Al Tate
the Reader Preference Round
for Contemporary books!!!

to all my
readers and fans!!

Your votes sent
You're in Good Hands
with Al Tate

to the top of
the Reader Preference Round,
the second phase of the RONÉ CONTEST!!

It will now be read and judged
along with the other finalists
by a panel of four judges to determine the winner.

to all the Finalists!

Click here for Finalist names
(listed by the week they were voted on)

Winners of the RONÉ AWARD
will be announced
at the Romance Novel Convention
in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 9, 2013.

I'll be there enjoying the celebration
and cheering on my fellow authors!

I feel truly blessed to have
so many
wonderful readers and fans!!!



Speaking of the RNC Convention....

All of all my books will be available for purchase at the Consumer Book Expo on Saturday, August 10, 2013.

Stop by and say hello!
I love to meet romance readers and fans
and I'll gladly sign my books for you.

All of my books will be available in ebook format and I'll include a gorgeous printed cover with each purchase.
I will also have a limited number
 first edition HARDBACK copies of
Highlander's Bride.

They are no longer in print, so when they're gone, there will be no more!


Don't miss the Hottie Highlander Week
on Riverina Romantics,
May 5-11, 2013!

My Heart of the Highlander romances will be featured!
Stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a free download!


I also am delighted to have been selected to write a
guest blog about Author Newsletters for
The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing (
WG2E) website.
My "Everything You Need to Know About Author Newsletters" will be on WG2E on May 4, 2013.
If you missed it, you can read it here.


I am honored to have been chosen as
April's Author of the Month at Satin Sheets Romance!!
I have a guest blog there and will be giving away a
free reader's choice download of my books
to two visitors who leave a comment.
I will also be giving away a color poster of
Jimmy Thomas to one visitor who leaves a comment.
So, come on over, read my blog and leave a comment.

You may be one of three lucky winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

Katherine Sowerby won a free ebook download!

Ella Quinn won a free ebook download!
Kathie Noblit won the poster!


Since April is my birthday month, I am giving away
a special gift on my Readers' Contest page.
How would you like to
share your morning coffee
each day
with handsome cover model
Jimmy Thomas ?

Since he is a very busy man, I have the next best thing for you-
a beautiful ceramic coffee mug with his picture!
You can drink your beverage of choice from it while you
enjoy reading a free download of my romantic comedy,

You're in Good Hands with Al Tate.

Go on over to the Readers' Contest page and enter to win!

In the last few months,
I have had
FIVE STAR reviews for ALL of my books,

Highlander's Bride,
The Talisman
You're in Good Hands with Al Tate!!!

THANK YOU, readers and reviewers!!!


Here is my 
FULL-PAGE AD from the February 2013 issue
InD'Tale Magazine!


Join me at THE BEST EVENT of the year
for romance readers and authors!
I will be attending the Romance Novel Convention
August 7-11 , in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meet internationally famous cover model
Jimmy Thomas
who is on over 4,000 romance novel covers!

Sign up for my monthly newsletter
for more news on this fantastic convention!


I hope you enjoyed my slideshow ad
on the InD'Tale Magazine home page
for the month of January, 2013



You're in Good Hands with Al Tate
received a rating of 4.5 and the Crowned Heart Award
from InD'Tale Magazine in the December/January 2012 issue!

It will be entered in the

Best Contemporary Romance
Novel of 2012



The contest is hosted by Romance Novel Center and InD'Tale Magazine. Winners will be announced at the Romance Novel Convention
in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 9, 2013.

Click here to read the InD'Tale book review.


I have a brand new Facebook Street Team
Deborah's Book Lovers.

If you love reading historical romance with handsome Scottish lairds, hot passion,
danger and true love, this might be the place for you!
If your tastes run more to contemporary romantic comedy, you'll find it here as well!
AND if you are a JIMMY THOMAS fan, you will find him on ALL my books!

If you'd like to join my fun team, just click on Deborah's Book Lovers above
and send a request to join.
I'd love to have you!  


Highlander's Bride, The Talisman

You're in Good Hands with Al Tate

have gorgeous NEW COVERS
professionally designed
by cover artist Erin Dameron-Hill

                                         with famous cover model extraordinaire,
Jimmy Thomas
                                                        as the handsome hero!


For my readers who have asked when William (from HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE) will have his own story, I'm happy to tell you I am writing his story now.
Look for it in the future!


You're in Good Hands with Al Tate,
my contemporary romantic comedy, is now available!

You can read an excerpt on the Book Excerpts page.
There is a new video trailer for the story on the Book Trailers page.


Below are comments and reviews on my books.

Thank you to my readers and the reviewers!

     Highlander's Bride

                                        "Sizzling Historical Romance at its finest!"
--Victoria Dark Author of Dangerous to Love

   5 Satin Pillows!

Highlander’s Bride is the first book of Deborah Gafford’s
Heart of the Highlander Series.

What an amazing read! I have had Ms. Gafford in my “To Be Read” pile for months, and I was not disappointed.  As an avid reader of Scottish Romances, I’m continually on the hunt for new authors in this genre. It is very apparent to me that this author has a passion for Scotland, and her history.  You could see if from the very first page of the book, through her detailed attention to history and her incredible depictions of the country had images of the highlands jumping off the pages as I read.

                                                     Angela Rose at Satin Sheets Romance
For the entire review, click here.

Deborah Gafford creates a memorable picture of courage and love
in this captivating Scottish romance.

Descriptive and captivating, Highlander's Bride presents a vivid picture of Scotland in the early 1500s, drawing both the people and the place in memorable colors. In a world of larger than life men, Alexander MacGregor, next in line to be Laird of Ironwood, has been ordered to wed a friend's daughter, beautiful Lady Katherine Gordon.

Lady Katherine values her education more than her beauty, recognizing that few women are granted the knowledge she holds. But in a rough land where women are bartered and wed off at parents' will, and battle training is a daily ritual for men, Katherine lacks the one thing she cherishes--a union based on love and trust. How could her parents, who loved her and encouraged her unique abilities, betray her by forcing her to wed philandering, callous Alexander MacGregor?

Secrets of birth and a young man's indiscretions impede but don't destroy the love growing between the young couple, but when unspeakable evil tears them apart, the battle is not one for love, but for life. 
                                                    Leslie Garcia
Author's Den

A beautiful love story!

Alexander and Katherine's story is a marriage of convenience, but there's nothing convenient or conventional about this union. Neither wants to marry, or so they think, and while they're trying to cope with the unwanted attraction for each other, they also have to face the dangers that result from their union. A beautifully written love story that'll stay with you after you reach The End.                                
                                                   Dee Fossen on Amazon

Sexy Highland Tale!

I really adored this book. It was very well written. The plot flowed perfectly from beginning to end.

This book had so many emotions coming out of me. I cried real tears. I laughed. I screamed and yelled. I loved that it brought out those feelings in me.

I read this book in one day. Not wanting to put it down. There was plenty of action and hot steamy romance.

Alex, a sexy highlander with honor doesn't want his Da making decisions for him, well at least not until he meets his soon to be bride.

Katherine, a head strong beauty finds out her parents made an arrangement for her to be married. She doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love.

This book takes you on a trip. So get ready for a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions. Treachery, betrayal, passion, lust, honor, and trust all have a big part in this wonderful tale.

You feel as if you are there within the book. The characters all shine in their own way. The secondary characters are unforgettable. The ending was beautiful!

I really enjoyed the Scottish dialog and the glossary in the back explaining it all.

I adore my highlanders and will be reading more of Deborah Gafford's work.

                                                    Dawn Sullivan on Amazon

LOVE this book!

I read Highlanders Bride in one sitting! The romance between Alexander and Katherine is a fun, rollercoaster ride through the stubborn pride of two people who don't want to fall in love, but do, despite all. Ms. Gafford paints a beautiful, realistic picture of 16th century Scotland that makes a vibrant, action-filled background for their budding romance. And who can resist a big, auburn-haired Highlander, right ladies? Alexander is the epitome of an alpha male who has met his match in Katherine. I love a romance where the couple have to fight to the bitter end to be together!

If you enjoy a good, Highland historical romance, laced with traditions and folklore, this is the book for you!    

Joni Hahn on Amazon

Good read with surprise ending

This book is well written. The plot flowed well with no confusing gaps or dead ends. I especially enjoyed the Scottish dialogue and a glimpse of life in Scotland during the 1500's.                                       
                                                    Andy Gump on Amazon

Highlander's Bride

A marriage is arranged between Alexander MacGregor and Katherine Gordon to be held within the week. Neither is happy about it and do not understand why their families have insisted on the marriage. Both had wanted to choose their own spouses for love. They go through the all the trials and tribulations of not wanting to admit that they love each other.
Without giving the story away, there is a villain and when we need to know about him in the story his identity becomes clear.

My favorite character was Alexander. Some of his thoughts made me chuckle and eventually he would always realize when he made a mistake.

The author did well in making the characters credible, they had depth and were easy to relate to, being realistic in their thoughts and actions. I thought the story flowed smoothly and was very easy to follow.

This story held my attention and I appreciated the fact that it wasn't filled with descriptions of the landscape that went on for pages. I read every word of this story. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and will read more from this author.

                                                    Karen Wells on Amazon

Romantic Scottish Tale!

A big thank you to the author for providing a review copy and allowing me to review it!

Highlander's Bride is the first book I've read from Deborah, and she is a wonderful story teller. Her descriptions are vivid. The dialogue is incredible. It's easy to see that that aspect alone took a lot of time and effort, giving the book a feel that is both authentic and genuine. Plus, there is a glossary in the back of the book for words you may not know! That said, most of the stuff is easy to translate. By the end of the story I felt like talking like a Scott and visiting the beautiful place that is Scotland!

Another great addition to the story was the French addition. I felt that along with the amazing Scottish dialogue, the bits of French here and there really strengthened the story and made it even more enjoyable.

The story is a fast and enjoyable read filled with romance, action, and lots of drama. There is never a dull moment throughout the tale. The characters are both interesting and aggravating at times. The reason for four stars instead of five is that I felt like there was just a little too much back and forth between them. Despite that, I think the two main characters still had great chemistry together during the romantic moments of the novel.

Highlander's Bride has a wonderfully sweet ending that had me smiling. I just love a happy ending. Once the tale was over I realized I'd really miss Alexander and Kathrine. As with every good story, I wish there was more, but maybe there will be a sequel at some point in time. Along with liking the main characters, I found several of the minor characters very likable as well. William, Alexander's younger brother, and Monique, Katherine's mother being two I especially loved.

I look forward to reading more from Mrs. Gafford. I thoroughly enjoyed her take on a Scottish romance. :)

                                                     Kristina H

    The Talisman

"Romance readers will love this tale of intense passion and revenge in the Scottish Highlands."          

--Delores Fossen USA Today Bestselling Author

  5 Satin Pillows!

Set in 14th Century Scotland, The Talisman was everything I adore in a Scottish romance. From the very first pages, the author weaved a compelling, suspenseful story that continued through the entire read.
                                                     Angela Rose at Satin Sheets Romance
For the entire review, click here

Great read!!

Having truly enjoyed Deborah's first book, Highlander's Bride, (it's on my keeper

shelf!), I was happy to learn she had written another. And once again, Deborah doesn't


In The Talisman, the book's hero, Gavin, is to die for! If only we could all have a man

that hunky, sexy, good-natured and strong. Sigh. And after the tragedies and hardships

the heroine, Ailis, encounters, he is exactly what she needs. Gavin is a vivid compliment

to Ailis's strong will and fiesty nature.

Besides the strong sexual tension and romantic storyline of the main characters,

Deborah does a great job intertwining a murder mystery and secondary character

relationship into the book. Her setting and world-building skills are quite impressive.

The detailed descriptions and authentic dialogue she uses make 16th century Scotland

come alive.

I truly enjoyed the read, Deborah! I can't wait to read You're in Good Hands with Al

Tate next!                                         
                                                    Joni Hahn on Amazon 


I love it when a book transports me to another place and time, and that's exactly what The Talisman does. It's a beautiful story with lots of action, secrets and of course, romance, and I was drawn in on the first page. The heroine, Ailis O'Brien, has lost so much, but she still has strength and determination to find the killer who nearly destroyed her. Gavin MacPherson is a true Scottish hero--HOT--and he's a perfect match for Ailis. Gavin is more of a gentle giant, exactly what Ailis needs to recover and find the vengeance she seeks. A great read!
                                                   Dee Fossen on Amazon

The Talisman

Deborah presents a story of Scottish Highlands in 1570's with luscious details of daily life; a strong, handsome sexy hero who is the Laird of his Clan and lands; a feisty heroine who popped up out of nowhere, strong, courageous and absolutely certain that the hero killed her family when she was away from their wagon. The heroine is dead set on revenge, but first she must prove it finding the man who's missing his Talisman she found in her dead sister's hands. No easy task.

This story is filled with struggles, murder, revenge, love, anguish, insecurities, jealousy, kidnapping, anger, pride, what Scottish Highlands looked, felt, and smelled like in the 1500's plus a love scene that makes your eyebrows curl with it all culminating with a lovely ending.

Fascinated with historical romances, I love learning how, where, when, why they lived the life they did. Projects an air of placement and knowledge. Deborah did this very well, even including a Glossary of language used in the 1570's for the reader.

A must read. Enjoy!               
                                                   C. A. Mabson on Amazon


                                                   Cherry Coleman on Smashwords


This was such a wonderful book!! I could not put it down once I started reading. This is a MUST READ, trust me. The author is awesome and I will read everything she writes. If Scottish romance is your thing, as it is mine, you cannot pass this one up. Deborah Gafford's other book, Highlander's Bride, is also Great!!! I will read the other books she has written also. I want to say thanks to Deborah Gafford for the great books and that I will be reading everything she writes.      
Book Lover on Amazon

An Outstanding Story!

"The Talisman" is the story of Gavin MacPherson and Ailis O'Brien. When Ailis returns from collecting firewood she finds her father and sister murdered and their wagon burning. In her sister's hand, she finds a talisman that she pulled from her murderer's neck. - Ailis vows vengeance on the murderers. After wandering around in the woods for days, hungry, thirsty, and tired she ends up being rescued by Gavin MacPherson and his cousin, Calum. While she feels an attraction to Gavin, she believes there might be a possibility that they are involved with her family's murder.
To me, this story was Ailis and Gavin's journey to learning to trust each other, love, and following their instincts. I could feel the attraction and emotion between Ailis and Gavin as I read their story, to the point that I wish I could find my own Gavin! I am giving this book 4 stars, only because there was a spot or two that moved a little slow for me. It did not take away from my enjoyment of this outstanding story and I would recommend to my friends!
                                                   Karen Wells on Amazon


You're in Good Hand
s wit
h Al Tate

Best Contemporary Romance of 2012

Awarded the CROWNED HEART AWARD by InD'Tale Magazine

Susan Pierson has just moved from her small Colorado town of Loveland to the Big Apple.  Along with a new job writing steamy stories for Sizzling Desire magazine and new apartment, she also gets a new neighbor –  gorgeous stock broker Alan Tate.  Alan would like nothing more than to get to know pretty, curvy Susan, and soon they are spending time with each other and having long phone conversations about their dreams.  Unfortunately, Alan’s dream is to move to a quiet place in the country far from the rat race, while Susan moved to New York to live the life of a Big City girl.  Can they find a compromise that allows them to have their dreams and each other?
This is a delightful, tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy.  The numerous references to pop culture (Star Trek, Three Stooges, Energizer Bunny, etc.) make the story very relatable. When not panting after Alan alongside Susan, readers will be laughing aloud at the antics of these accident-prone neighbors.  Readers might wish Alan and Susan had a bit more interaction before deciding they were in love, but with a guy as dreamy as Al, who wouldn’t want to snatch him up quickly?  One cannot blame Susan for thinking, “Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.  Catch that stud and love him slow.”  A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon…oh, and the book cover is yummy, too!

                      Leslie Stokes in InD'Tale Magazine Dec/Jan 2012 issue

Happy Surprise

When Susan Pierson is annoyed by a noisy neighbor and goes to see what they're doing to cause such a ruckus, the last thing she expects to find is a hot, eligible hunk on the patio adjoining her own. So begins a hilarious and at times clumsy romance between the two that will leave your sides aching from laughter. Both are strong characters that capture your interest and empathy immediately with their missteps and humor.

Al is a successful stock broker who yearns to get away from the big city and start a small business of his own, settle down and start a family. Susan is a romance writer from a small town who yearns to experience life in the big city.

As Susan and Al grow closer they both begin to feel that they might change their life plans to hold on to what they share together. We giggle as Al tries to repair the dripping faucet in Susan's kitchen and her incessantly running toilet, with little success. Al's little sister becomes involved when Susan helps her get a job at the magazine she works for and inadvertently destroys more than one planned romantic evening. The story takes an unexpected turn and all of the characters plans change dramatically.

You're In Good Hands With Al Tate was truly a happy surprise for me. I could not put it down until I finished it. I laughed, cried, and laughed some more and when it was over I was a little sad that I was done with it. Deborah Gafford has created great characters and a strong plot line in this book, getting to know Al Tate and Susan Pierson is an amazingly fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. I look forward to reading more of Deborah Gafford's work in the future.                 
                                                   Renee Waring on Amazon

'City' Romance With Sizzle and Wit

Maybe Susan Pierson can be forgiven for salivating over a stranger in tight jeans, especially since he’s shirtless, well-muscled and working up a sweat. Dripping sweat, not as annoying a distraction as the dripping faucet that forced her to abandon revisions for her latest steamy story for Sizzling Desires Magazine, but a distraction nevertheless. Susan’s livelihood revolves around inventing scorching love scenes, not falling into a fantasy world inhabited by next door neighbor and hunk Alan Tate, with his insistence that he’s really good with his hands.

For his part, Alan doubts he can live up to the expectations of sexy Susan, with her hot job and loud intimate encounters next door. The bumps against the bedroom wall and the moans seem pretty telling, but even if he’s intimidated by her experience, how can he ignore the next door sexpert, especially since she befriends his kid sister Kelly?

You’re In Good Hands With Al Tate is a short read that focuses on clever word play to describe the sex play that grows in an unexpected way to an emotionally satisfying story with quirky characters and unusual problems for the characters.

The beginning of the story took me aback for a few seconds, because the immediacy and intensity of Susan’s attraction to Alan seemed startling--until I realized if she’d been right in the middle of creating a similar encounter in her story, coming across an Alan Tate would definitely have rocked her a little. Or a lot!

Gafford’s story of missteps and perfectly innocent words that become unintended turn-ons had me laughing out loud even after a day on my feet with 22 first-graders back from vacation. NOTHING makes me laugh on those days, but I was “ Good Hands With Al Tate.” You’ll be, too.               
                                                   Leslie Garcia
on Author's Den

You're In Good Hands With Al Tate

Well, if the book cover doesn't grab your attention let me tell you, this was a great little read! You're in Good Hands with Al Tate is what I would call a sweet romance. The kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was a refreshing story that had me smiling most of the way through it, if not chuckling out loud. I like how the author spent time building up her hero and heroine, so that you truly got to know them, and what they were feeling and thinking. She even made the secondary characters interesting and funny. I can easily see a sequel with Kelly and Robert's developing romance.

I like humor in a story and this author delivers as one funny situation after another tosses her main characters into real life events that you can relate to. And let me add, more than one scene was hot! If you like sweet romances laced with lots of humor then You're in Good Hands with Al Tate won't disappoint.

                                                   Tory Richards on Amazon


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